Ball Machine

The ball machine is free to use by adult members.

Please speak to a member of the committee before attempting to use the machine so that you can receive basic instruction on its use. 

In the event of a jam in the mechanism you MUST ENSURE THAT THE MACHINE IS COMPLETELY POWERED DOWN BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO RECTIFY.  USE THE MAIN SWITCH ON THE BASE /UNDER SIDE OF THE MACHINE. Switch to 0 to turn off. Switch to I to restart.  If you take the ball machine onto court, you are responsible for putting it back into the club house and on charge. You will also be expected to collect all of the balls you use.

 The Ball Machine has now had a full service and can now be started normally  by pressing the Power Button. The remote control is also working with the exception of the Spin+ function. To adjust the spin, please do so on the main panel of the machine. 

League matches

The Kenton Winter  League is over and now we look to the Spring / Summer Leagues. Anyone interested in joining the teams please contact Juliette

Table Tennis

Is anyone interested in having a Club table tennis league? If you are then please sign up in theclubhouse.
Please be careful when handlingthe table tennis table – it is
essential to ensure that the red wheel brakes are released and the ends furthest from the net are lifted slightly before you move it (easiest if you shift the net clip onto just one of the table halves first). To fold or unfold it you must pull and hold out the big red button on the side of the legs. If you are not sure, please ask! We have very much enjoyed having this facility in the clubhouse and would hate for it to get damaged (and if I am not happy, nobody’s happy…)

Membership drive

If you see any new faces please do welcome them and make them feel comfortable. We all know how intimidating it can be walking onto a court full of strangers and trying to play naturally. 

To any members of the public wishing to join in our social sessions you are very welcome. We do ask that you are a competent player. If you are new to tennis or particularly rusty, please contact the club to see what we can offer in coaching and court time.  


Some of the following web sites may be of interest to you. (Links open a new browser window.)

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Herts LTA

Watford and District Tennis League

The Championships Wimbledon

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