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Aldenham Road
Herts WD6 3DL

Club phone: No longer operational. Please contact us via email

Club info:                                    Julie O'Keeffe

Chairman:                                     Andii Weyman
Club Secretary:                             Ketul Nandani
Membership:                                     Myra Rosen
Match Contact / Team Capt:      Juliette Radford

Child Protection Officer:          Karen Benardout           

Coach:                                          Janmeet Singh

Coach:                                        Ricky Roberts

Coach:                                 Dimitris Koronakos

Aerial view of Tennis club

Note: The Club is on the corner of Aldenham Road and Watford Road with the entrance being in Aldenham Road opposite Lands' End.

Our What Three Word location is Hedge. Silly. Normal

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