Janmeet Singh (Jay)

DCA & RPT qualified

Our Club Coach is Janmeet Singh. He is available for adult and junior coaching in group or private lessons and for master classes. Jay can be contacted on 07989 646 469 or via e-mail on raijanni@hotmail.com.


Level 3 coach,

orange/ red group at 9-10 am

teenage group at 10-11 am

10-12 years old group at 11-12 every Saturday.

Player profile

Jay is our Club Coach and many of you will have

seen him around, but how well do you know him?

We had a quick Q&A with him and this is what we

found out.


What age did you first pick up a tennis racquet?

I was 13.

Are you a lefty or righty?

I have always played left handed.

Where is the most exciting place you have

played tennis?

Queens Club, although this was

not competitive.

This is your chance to name-drop! Which

famous tennis players have you met?

I had several practice sessions with Leander Paes (18

doubles & mixed double grand slam titles) and

also Ramesh Krishnan (Wimbledon & US Open

quarter finalist) during the Davis Cup semi-finals:

India v Australia in 1993. Mahesh Bhupathi (12

doubles & mixed doubles grand slam titles) used

to come and train at our tennis academy so I’ve

hit with him few times. I played in an ATP satellite

tournament with Tim Henman in 1994; I lost in first

round and he won it unfortunately.

When did you decide to become a coach?


Your favourite or signature shot?

y serve (not sure anymore, lols)

Do you prefer doubles or singles?

As a player i used to prefer singles, as a coach i prefer doubles

now as i can’t cover the whole court anymore!

How fast can you serve? Or what was the

speed of your fastest ever serve?

It has never been recorded, but i would say 120-130mph would

have been my fastest serve.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

I stay in touch with Tennis, an active lifestyle and it

helps me learn more about tennis!

Which surface do you prefer? Grass, clay or hard courts?

Hard courts, similar to ones used in

the US Open or Australian Open.

Are your family sporty?

Yes, my brother is also a tennis coach, in Vancouver. In fact he was my

coach and I learned mostly from him. My Dad

was an athlete at national level in India!

Do you excel at any other sports?

At school Athletics events like short sprints were my

favourite, but once i started playing tennis there

wasn’t any time for any other sport.

What would be your ideal match preparation?

Ideal match preparation would be a calm

atmosphere with little talking, preparing mentally

with visualisation of the match in advance!

Who was your tennis idol growing up?

Ivan Lendl was my favourite player, then Pete Sampras

and now Roger Federer!

What do you think makes a good tennis player?

It’s a combination of things. Firstly a

player has to have desire, determination and

dedication, then he needs family support of family

and lot of sacrifice from them. Then there has to

be the right environment - good facilities, good

guidance and on top of that a little bit of luck that

everything falls in place at right time. But i think on

top of everything else its mental toughness that

makes a difference!

Anything else you would like to share?

I had a choice between studies and tennis as i got into

a medical school but my dad asked me whether

i would be willing to sacrifice tennis as both of

them were not possible. I chose tennis and I was

lucky to have parents who supported me, if i get

a chance to do it all over again, i would choose

tennis / sports again!

Aldenham Road, Elstree, Herts, United Kingdom WD6 3DL

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